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Positive Punctuation on a Tough 2020

Hire Opportunity Coalition Connects Dozens of Community-Based Organizations & Employers, Helping Youth & Businesses Recover from COVID-19

The Problem: COVID-19 batters America's youth and businesses

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for most people, but it hit America’s youth and businesses hard.  As a result of the pandemic, an estimated 1 in 4 young people in the U.S. — upwards of 9 million total — are currently disconnected from work and school.  The industries with abundant entry-level jobs, where many youth begin their careers, were decimated by waves of furloughs, layoffs, decreased demand and operational uncertainty.     

The Opportunity: Unite employers standing by youth with great CBOs

Despite the pain COVID-19 has inflicted, a cross-section of American companies have remained steadfastly committed to hiring and developing young workers.  Many have priority markets where they’re eager to interview youth who face systemic barriers to employment.  Meanwhile, best-in-class Community Based Organizations (CBOs) across the country do the hard work, every day, of identifying, upskilling, and supporting motivated young jobseekers.

The Result: Nearly 30 new partnerships to help foster an equitable economic recovery

The Hire Opportunity Coalition is devoted to the success of, and believes deeply in the interconnectedness of, these three groups: young job seekers, hiring employers and great CBOs.  To help all three close 2020 on a high note, we set out to help forge new relationships between 20 top employers and 20 top CBOs by the end of the year.

As a result of the campaign, we’re proud to report that 26 new unique connections have been made between leading national employers — including CVS Health, Five Guys, Hyatt, Nordstrom and T-Mobile — and standout CBOs in nearly a dozen states across the country.  Here’s a sampling of the new partnerships that have been forged, to help ensure young people are part of an equitable economic recovery: 

Our Work Continues – Join Us

The beginning of 2021 hasn’t washed away the challenges of 2020, but hope can be seen on the horizon.  As the economy continues to rebound, more employers will prioritize diversifying their talent pipelines, so they better reflect the communities they serve.  The Higher Opportunity Coalition stands ready to help.  If you’d like our help hiring and retaining motivated young talent in your organization, please reach out

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