Employer Spotlight: Swiss Post Solutions

Swiss Post Solutions, Inc. (SPS), in the last 8 years has internally built a customized training academy, the SPS Leadership Academy (LA). The LA was designed to specifically recruit, train, and support younger workers as part of a broader talent acquisition strategy that places a premium on human capital development and investment that is not merely endorsed, but celebrated and actively pursued from the Global CEO down to front line staff who are at the core of the company’s competitive advantage. Through the creation of the LA, over 600 young adults – the majority of which were opportunity youth at the time that they were recruited for training – have successfully completed training and internships to-date, and become successful employees within the company.

Furthermore, 83% of all LA graduates that were employed by SPS are still working within the company today. Of those trained, 40% have been promoted in position and responsibility, directly impacting their personal economic mobility. Additionally, over half of the now-employed LA graduates have received special recognitions by SPS Leadership.

“It’s a cultural commitment,” explains Paul Ortega, National Director of Training & Organizational Development. “These young men and women that we all serve are phenomenal – without them, our companies would not thrive.”