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  • Learn from coalition members and leverage best practices to attract and retain a motivated and diverse workforce.
  • Create efficiencies in recruitment and retention, while reducing costs associated with turnover and unfilled positions.
  • Access to a growing digital portal of job-seeking opportunity youth that is searchable by zip code – at no cost for the first trial year!
  • Streamline access to skills and potential from one of America’s fastest growing populations by connecting with nonprofit organizations that are preparing youth to enter the workforce.
  • Network with like-minded companies that are making a positive impact on youth and their communities.

Member Commitment.

  • Share your expertise and learning with other coalition members and community partners supporting opportunity youth
  • Participate in a standardized capacity assessment to determine opportunities for growth in your youth hiring and retention practices
  • Track your internal opportunity youth hiring efforts and share this data with the coalition as part of a coalition goal targeting opportunity youth placements in the next 5 years
  • Contribute to changing the narrative about opportunity youth by sharing success stories about opportunity youth at your company an engaging in public leadership on this issue

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