Leading Employers Set for National Youth Hiring Day

National Youth Hiring Day gives employers the opportunity to play a vital role during this unprecedented time in U.S. history, helping young people take their next step toward securing a meaningful job.

In its fourth consecutive year, the free, virtual job fair hosted by Hire Opportunity Coalition and Get Schooled, will be our biggest one yet with 16 industry-leading employers on board looking to fill more than 135,000 entry-level jobs.

We are proud to have the following Hire Opportunity Coalition Charter Members joining National Youth Hiring Day as exhibitors:

They will be joined by Amazon, City Year, CVS Health, Rue21, Staples, Walgreens, and Wayfair.

The United States is recovering from a year of economic disaster, but the research on youth unemployment since the COVID-19 outbreak shows that our historically inequitable hiring trends are starting to repeat themselves. (source: Mathematica Report – Youth Unemployment in the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic; Page 1).

National Youth Hiring Day, which will live on an immersive, interactive platform designed for 1-on-1 experiences, will mimic the best features of an in-person job fair—enabling youth to learn more about the benefits and openings of each participating employer, engage with recruiters and service providers directly in real time, and apply for specific openings near them.

At the event, employers will have the opportunity to engage live with thousands of motivated job seekers, spotlight their youth-friendly policies and benefits, accept applications for open positions and interview candidates on the spot via chat, video or audio.


The Power and Potential of Youth

Hiring young people is critical to achieving a truly equitable economic recovery and they are an untapped resource to help fuel your company’s success.

Young people are adaptable, agile, digitally-savvy and bring fresh energy and perspectives. They bring incredible dedication when given a chance to pursue a meaningful opportunity, time management and leadership skills from their own personal life experiences, that can be a powerful asset for businesses.

Seizing on the benefits young people can bring to an organization means being intentional about recruiting, supporting, upskilling, and retaining them. Creating early pathways for youth employment not only sets young people up for success down the road — with higher earnings, stronger health outcomes and financial stability, but it strengthens our economy as a whole.


How Hire Opportunity Coalition Can Help

The Hire Opportunity Coalition mission is to build the capacity of American companies to hire, retain, and advance Opportunity Youth—those who are ages 16 to 24 and currently unemployed and out of school. We do this by providing employers with resources, timely research, and connections to youth employment partners and opportunity youth themselves.

This has always been our mission, but the pandemic has magnified systemic inequalities and there is a heightened sense of urgency to close the youth employment gap, so young people, businesses and our communities can all prosper.

The current generation of youth is the most diverse in American history—there is so much untapped talent and potential. If we want an equitable economic recovery—if we are to move the needle in a meaningful way—it’s imperative that business leaders support young talent in becoming the next generation of leaders.

Human resource leaders want more diversity in their respective employment pipelines—not just because it is the right thing to do but because those young people better reflect the marketplace of the future. Their habits, their interests, and their preferences must inform the marketing and product decisions of the future or else we will be missing the needs of an ever-evolving marketplace. The best companies understand there is both a moral imperative and a business one, as well.

We are working with and encouraging employers to put overlooked youth at the front of the line instead of the back, to give them the opportunities and the support to overcome obstacles, to set them up for success, and to become our future decision-makers and leaders.

As our future today looks a bit more hopeful, The Hire Opportunity Coalition encourages its members and the corporate community at large to push back on the “return to business as usual” concept.

We can’t hire in the same patterns that got us into this situation in the first place.  We have an opportunity to learn from our past and rehire with greater equity, inclusion and overall success.

To say the least, it’s been a turbulent past year in our society. Our country is facing an important reckoning on race. Business leaders are pledging their commitment to furthering diversity, equity and inclusion. Now is the time to follow through on those promises. The opportunity couldn’t be greater to invest in young people and work together to close the youth unemployment gap.

More information about National Youth Hiring Day 2021 can be found on the National Youth Hiring Day website – http://youthhiringday.org