Community Organizations.

Community-Based Organizations.

We recognize that all hiring is local, and that the defining factor for opportunity youth is disconnection from institutions that provide natural pathways to meaningful jobs.

With that in mind, we believe that deep partnerships with high capacity community-based organizations (CBOs) who serve these youth locally are critical to achieving our mission.


To support our employer partners in their local hiring and facilitate the ability to make immediate connections in priority markets, we have developed the Hire Opportunity Coalition Database (HOC-D), a comprehensive and searchable compilation of opportunity youth-related CBOs nationwide.

This database includes organizations in the top 100 MSAs nationwide (and is growing to include smaller markets as requested) sourced through our OY ecology partners, national service providers and their local affiliates, MDRC-vetted smaller service providers, DoL-funded youth programs, and local workforce investment boards and government programs. Coalition members request real-time lists of CBOs in targeted areas where they need assistance augmenting their talent pipeline, and HOC staff can make direct connections and provide specific contact and services information. Contact us for more information or to become a member and access the HOC-D.

Why is the HOC-D Valuable?

For funders/NGOs and other non-profits supporting OY


OY hiring requires direct connections between local providers and employers.


Provides a comprehensive and growing one-stop source for such connections.

For CBOs


OY hiring demands the engagement of as many equipped, locally-hiring employers as possible.


Connects CBOs and the OY they serve directly to the most motivated and prepared OY employers through the HOC.

For Employers


OY hiring requires alternative pathways and timely access to potential candidates; CBOs are the most reliable and direct connection to the OY they support daily.


Delivers viable, motivated, and diverse candidates directly to employers in real time, benefiting hiring effectiveness (cost and time to hire) and D&I and OY efforts.

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