Stella and Hire Opportunity Coalition Working Together to Help Opportunity Youth Connect with Local Employment Opportunities

The Hire Opportunity Coalition, in partnership with Stella, is poised to create the most comprehensive point of connection between frontline employers and opportunity youth.

HOC is building a coalition of employers that are committed to hiring, retaining, and advancing opportunity youth. With the help of Stella, it will become easier than ever to connect with the job-seeking youth they need to fill frontline roles.

Opportunity youth can now register via a dedicated link to be automatically identified as a priority youth; on Stella, they can search for jobs via an easy, map-based interface while recruiters from participating companies can search for and reach out to them for open local positions. Use of Stella is always free for youth, and is free for the first year to HOC partners.

Youth can register here today, and employers can contact us for more information about how to join.


We know opportunity youth (OY) are disconnected from school and work and struggle to find and apply for local jobs. We also know community-based organizations are working to support OY employment, but often have limited access to local jobs, even as employers struggle to find hourly and frontline employees in their area.

By doing this work and offering this platform, the HOC’s goals are the following:

    • Opportunity youth have a comprehensive, user-friendly source of frontline jobs where employers can identify and prioritize them.
    • Employers have direct access to the largest single source of job-seeking opportunity youth in the nation.


Stella is a talent platform shared by dozens of major national companies focused on frontline and entry-level jobs in retail, restaurants, warehouses, and hotels that do not require extensive education and work experience.

Information on jobseekers applying to these jobs is collected in one database where all participating companies can post jobs and search for candidates. By pooling together non-hired applicants of large employers, Stella’s talent pool offers a connection to active job seekers who are often not on other job boards.

Now, Stella is also making it possible for opportunity youth to register on the platform and be tagged as priority youth so that companies can filter and prioritize them for their open jobs, and OY can search for those jobs in their neighborhood.

Increasing numbers of national employers – including brands like ACE Hardware, AT&T, Chipotle, Hilton, Hyatt, and Wayfair – are participating on the Stella platform and using it as a source of OY candidates for their open jobs.


CBOs share Stella with youth

    • Custom landing page link for OY
    • If desired, a link specific to your CBO allowing you to track engagement
    • HOC-provided social media messages and training tips

YOUTH register online.

    • Easy registration process via a custom link – only name and email required to get started
    • Registered youth are automatically tagged as OY for recruiter priority
    • Enter info one time to apply to many jobs via a user-friendly, map-based interface that offers both full and part-time jobs from multiple national companies

RECRUITERS search for opportunity youth.

    • Company recruiters can filter applicants to find opportunity youth in the areas where they have jobs to fill, and contact them directly

Prospective employers and encouraged to contact HOC and visit Stella to learn more. Young job seekers are encouraged to register at no cost here. CBOs are encouraged to share Stella with young people looking for employment using this flyer. Together, we can accelerate the opportunity youth employment movement!