Unmudl: Community Colleges Powering the Skills-To-Jobs Marketplace


The Unmudl Marketplace is an initiative led by a founding group of community colleges and the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, working with the intermediary, SocialTech.ai, to create a skills-to-jobs marketplace.

Powered by America’s community colleges to connect learners with new or better jobs, college and continuing education credits, and credentials from certificates to certifications and degrees, the Unmudl Marketplace was released publicly in November 2020. Working learners— students, learners, student workers, adult learners, and employees engaged in upskilling and retraining—have access to more than 260 noncredit courses that cover more than 40 subject and occupational areas which enable them to develop skills that will lead to jobs.

Unmudl leverages both physical and digital resources of community colleges including noncredit skills-oriented programming leading to potential for-credit paths. The Unmudl Marketplace programming is hands-on and experiential—and aligned with jobs and employers that are increasingly agreeing to interview working learners who are completing courses. It is stewarded by both the community colleges acting individually to provide their resources (courses and services) to the collective plus the intermediary, SocialTech.ai, providing the technology and related technical assistance services to power Unmudl.

“By coordinating with community colleges across the country, Unmudl makes all of the training assets of this growing network of community colleges available to increasing numbers of people looking to advance their skills and capacities,” said Charles Hiteshew, Hire Opportunity Coalition executive director. “HOC is working closely with Unmudl to develop a 5 X 5 Demonstration whereby we seek the engagement of five of our charter companies to work in five cities to source, mentor, and upskill opportunity youth – all for higher levels of retention, wages and ultimately advancement of our diverse youth into the ranks of middle management.”


Unmudl is a national resource that aims to serve the 65 million working learners and more than 10 million employers in the United States. The Unmudl Marketplace has three key stakeholders: learners, employers, and community colleges:

  • For learners, the marketplace reduces time investment, cost, and increases certainty so it is clear how outcomes link to their futures: a new or better job, credit and noncredit through either college or continuing education, and credentials to include certificates, certifications, and degrees.
  • For employers, assists in recruiting and sourcing talent from community colleges while allowing employers to collaborate with each other and community colleges across the nation to build credentials and courses. Unmudl blends the physical community college infrastructure with an online digital network to help colleges seamlessly offer courses, services, and credentials to learners and employers.
  • For community colleges, a solution for the problems of declining enrollments, revenue generation, and maintaining curricular strength in a growing array of skills areas.

Six founding partners: Bellevue Community College (Bellevue, Washington); Central New Mexico Community College – CNM Ingenuity (Albuquerque, New Mexico); GateWay Community College (Phoenix, Arizona); Pima Community College (Tucson, Arizona); San

Juan College (Farmington, New Mexico), and National Institute for Staff and Organization Development (NISOD) (Austin, Texas). Two additional community colleges joined Unmudl Futures Lab during the planning phase: SUNY Broome Community College (Broome County, New York), and San Diego College of Continuing Education (San Diego, California).


Having moved through planning, design, and implementation phases, Unmudl is nearing a two-year milestone. A growing community of stakeholders are supporting the vision to create a national marketplace of skills courses to serve working learners, employers, and the community colleges who will benefit by sharing curricular resources.

The comprehensive report documents the development of the Unmudl Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace and includes insights from key stakeholders and the leadership of Unmudl’s Community College Network.

The report focuses on key reasons for the warning siren—the why behind the demand for skills by working learners and employers. It also focuses on a promising solution—the what—establishing a blended physical and digital one-stop to produce three outcomes for working learners: a job or better job, credit (college or continuing education), and credentials. And there is the how. SocialTech.ai is a key how—a bridge-builder intermediary helping to connect working learners, employers, and educators in the redesign of dated practices and organizational structures. The how has included bringing a new tool to the planning table for community colleges: a Futures Innovation Lab.

Learn more about the report by viewing the May 14 webinar